Name: Nerine Lily (Common name: Guernsey Lily or Spider Lily)

Description: The Gladioli is a structural bold flower that blooms in bright colours – including purple, lime, hot pink and oranges.
The tall stems with flowers opening from base to tip are great for large displays at Weddings and other events. They look especially fabulous in vase displays!

Country of Origin: Originally from  South Africa. They are grown from a bulb from The Amarylidaceae family. Fun fact: They are the national flower of Guernsey after they arrived on the island following a shipwreck in the 1600’s!

Seasons: Available British grown from August to December, with limited availability between January and July.

Care Instructions:  Cut the stems and change the water every 2- 3 days.  We always remove the brown casing from the buds as it looks prettier. Vase life is about 5 – 10 days or more if bought in bud.

Flowers to Pair with: We use Nerine Lillies a lot in weddings as they are perfect for buttonholes, corsages and wedding bouquets. They work well with classic flower combinations such as Roses and Lizzianthus  but look equally fabulous mixed with vibrant autumnal colours. The hot pink and oranges are a modern take on a traditional autumnal colour palette!