Name: Rose

Description: One of the most loved flowers in the world and never more so than during the month of February with the very floral celebration of Valentine’s Day – the international day of love and romance. And the beautiful Red Rose is a symbol of love. Thousands upon thousands are sent as a symbol of love on this one day a year – a florist’s single busiest day of the year!

As you may know, the red rose is also the national symbol of England and appear on the English rugby team’s kits. Roses are available in thousands of colours and sizes, from big blowsy heads to delicate spray and tea roses.

Country of Origin: Roses are grown in many countries including Holland, Kenya and Colombia.

Seasons: Roses are available all year round and  in the summer months, scented varieties can be found among many gardens!

Care Instructions:
Roses are best kept in cool temperatures are they do not last long in warm environments. Cut the stem on an angle and remove all foliage that falls below the water level in the vase. This prevents bacteria from growing and also means that the flower head gets the water rather than the foliage as it travels up the stem. Changing the water every two days also helps prolong the vase life of roses.

Top tip: if your roses heads drop and wilt over it is often as the room is too warm or they are not in enough water. To revive them, cut the stem, remove a little more foliage and completely wrap the stems including the heads tightly in newpaper and then completely submerge in cold water in a tall vase, sink or bath. Leave for 1-2 hours. The paper supports the head and makes sure they stand up straight and submerging the stems should totally re-hydrate the flowers. This isn’t 100% but is most definitely worth a try instead of throwing them in the bin! We would then advise having them a bit shorter maybe in a coffee table vase etc. to get another few days vase life from them.

Flowers to Pair with: See our instagram feed for posts leading up to Valentine’s day for a range of beautiful bouquets and arrangements to order for Valentines day (featuring of course, the beautiful Rose!)