Name: Ranunculus

Description: Delicate tissue paper thin petal upon petal- opening out in a perfect round form. In shades of white, cream, blush, yellow, orange, pink, cerise, red, burgundy and green. The only colour option not available is blue! Perfect for weddings and often used as a spring replacement for peonies.

Country of Origin: From South west Asia and Europe. They are grown early season from Italy who produce some of the largest head varieties know as cloni. Holland also supplies a lot of Ranunculus throughout the season and then at its peak some of the more blowesy and fun colour combinations are British Grown.

Seasons: Oct- June with peak season being Feb- April.

Care Instructions: Being a spring flower, like many others they are quite soft stemmed and are photoropic – meaning they continue to ‘grow’ on the stem after being cut and grow towards the light. So don’t be surprised if your displays look different each day!

Flowers to Pair with: They work with all spring flowers and look fabulous in Bridal and wedding flowers. The Butterfly varieties work well in natural meadow style displays.