Name: Gladioli

Description: The Gladioli is a structural bold flower that blooms in bright colours – including purple, lime, hot pink and oranges.
The tall stems with flowers opening from base to tip are great for large displays at Weddings and other events. They look especially fabulous in vase displays!

Country of Origin: South Africa from the Iridaceae family. There are also smaller varieties called bridal gladi which are useful for smaller displays and wedding bouquets (hence the name!)

Seasons: Available British grown from End of July until September, and all year round imported from Holland.

Care Instructions: Gladiolis prefer room temperature, but cut the stems at an angle and place in deep cool water.
They are phototropic and grow towards the light which is why the British grown varieties can have such wonderful twists and bends. This makes them really interesting to use in arrangements! If you want them to stay straight you can pinch out the top buds and this encourages them to stay upright.  Replace water every 2-3 days and store away from ripening fruit.

Their flower meaning is generosity which is probably because they have so many flower heads on a stem and have a long vase life (10-14 days)

Flowers to Pair with: Gladioli’s look great on their own and work fabulously with bold flowers like Lilies, Sunflowers and Hydrangea. We love them in big pedestal and urn displays for weddings and functions.