Name: Amaryillis

Description: There are many flowers and plants that we associate Christmas with – white hellebore (Christmas Rose), Poinsettas, but by the far the most stand out bloom is the beautiful Amaryillis. They come in many colours – white, pink, red, burgundy, peach and striped and two tone varieties and they are also sold in yellow by being dyed with colouring while being watered during the growing process.

Country of Origin: From the Amarylidaceae family and native to South America.

Seasons: They are a bulb and are popular at this time of year as a potted gift for Christmas, being sold in planted arrangements or grown in water vases. They are available usually between October to March.

Care Instructions:  As cut flower they can last up to 14 days if kept cool and can take up to a week to open fully. They require cold water and to stop the stems splitting and curling up you can use florist tape at the bottom. We usually cut the stems with a very Sharpe florist knife rather than scissors to avoid cracking the stem.

Flowers to Pair with: These large, majestic flower heads sit upon a thick hollow stem. They look fabulous in large floral installations and corporate office contract vase displays. Our favourite combination is red or white amaryllis with bright red or peach the Illex berry stems and festive branches for a great wintery look.

Available in the shop by the stem, or ask us for advice on pairing with complimentary flowers for a beautiful arrangement for yourself or someone special!