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South east London floral hideaway is where you will find us – Pesh flowers. Previously a high street London florist we are now  nestled among the trees of Forest Hill with out cutting garden filled wildflowers and carefully cultivated blooms, taking the art of floral arrangement to new heights by growing our own flowers and using as many seasonal, locally grown varieties in their wedding creations as we can.


  It starts every year in September when we start to plant seeds to get them a jumpstart to be planted out in spring

The journey begins in a picturesque garden, where every bloom is nurtured with care and dedication. We believe in the magic that comes from planting a tiny seed and watching it blossom into a magnificent flower.  Yes we do use imported flowers as we are a commercial wedding and event florist and it’s not always possible to get the volume of stem that we need locally. Or in the winter months there isn’t the variety and range to sustain our business. But it’s this commitment to cultivation extends beyond the desire for a sustainable business – it’s a genuine passion for the beauty of nature. It has re ignited our love and passion for flowers and floristry.


We use our waste water left over from flower buckets to water the garden

One of the defining features of our work is the dedication to using locally sourced flowers. By embracing the seasons, each wedding arrangement becomes a reflection of the unique, ever-changing beauty that British flora has to offer. Spring brings delicate daffodils and tulips, while summer bursts with the vibrancy of roses and peonies. Come autumn, rich hues of dahlias and chrysanthemums take center stage, and winter sees the elegance of hellebores and evergreen foliage.

The connection to the local community is profound. We collaborate closely with nearby flower farms, forming partnerships that not only support local businesses but also ensure the freshest, most vibrant blossoms for our clients. This commitment to sustainability is not just a trend; it’s a way of life, as we strive to reduce their carbon footprint and promote the beauty of British-grown flowers. We always offer displays for weddings that have the potential to be repurposed from ceremony to reception, and any flowers not taken by the guests are turned into confetti which is sold for charity.

The water we use to fill our flower buckets, then becomes waste water that we water all the beautiful flowers in our cutting garden. Our floral displays are designed in such a  way to ensure that  we can create without using floral foam, rather preferring reusable & sustainable moss and chicken wire, pin frogs and many of our own “Blue Peter” inspired mechanics.

When it comes to weddings, our creations are more than just arrangements; they are a celebration of your personalities, inspiration from nature, seasons and also the venue itself. Always intertwined with the essence of the British landscape in our whimsical wild signature style. Brides walk down the aisle holding bouquets that tell a seasonal story, each stem dancing and moving with a scent that will evoke happy memories of your wedding day for years to come.

A gorgeous floral arch, created with home and British grown flowers. The perfect backdrop for ceremony vows

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, there’s a deeper connection to the land. Our  dedication to sustainability means no flower is out of place or season. Each creation is a harmonious dance with nature, reflecting the ebb and flow of the British climate. Yes we can get most flowers all year round but there is nothing nicer in our opinion than looking at your wedding photos and being able to tell that you married in Spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Choosing Pesh as your florist isn’t just about selecting beautiful flowers; it’s a commitment to a celebration of local love and a sustainable, eco-conscious approach to floral design. As couples exchange vows surrounded by these bespoke arrangements, they become part of a narrative that honours the beauty of the British landscape, creating memories that bloom forever.




Bridal bouquet made out of sweet peas grown in our cutting garden

Snap shot of part of our cutting garden in Spring with the promise of so many flowers to come !

This bridal bouquet was made all the more special for the delicate blooms added from our cutting garden and the scent was amazing

So if you would like to have stunning floral designs that are unique and designed specifically for you, with sustainability and beauty in the forefront of our creative process then complete our wedding enquiry form on the website and we will get in touch and start the exciting first steps to magical memorable wedding flowers.