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Every one has heard the saying “Good things come in small packages”   well this can also be true of weddings. At Pesh we love creating wedding flowers for weddings whatever the size, delivering the bouquets is just as special to a micro wedding as they are to a lavish affair.

If you’re a couple that have already postponed your wedding due to Covid, and are now facing further turmoil about what to do with the yet again changed restrictions. To keep postponing a day that you have looked forward to for so long, a day where you vow to share your life with someone, could be one too many heart breaks.

I think that now we all need to start approaching things from a different angle- we should not wait for life as we know it to return, let’s meet this head on!  I mean love can conquer all can’t it ?

Why not get married and have the very closest people to you present, share your vows and fill the room with love and hope for the future. You can then plan an amazing celebration when we are allowed larger gatherings once more.Yes you may not have the presence of a dance floor but Love is present …… a smaller intimate wedding can be so unique and personal to you. You can then have the best catering, the finest champagne and wines and of course the most stunning flowers.



Well that’s what our gorgeous couple Helen and Paul did at the start of October, originally planning to marry in spring and having postponed, they decided that for them to get married to each other was the most important things to both of them. When we meet a few weeks prior to the wedding we we replanning the flowers for a change in season and a reduction of numbers to 30! before the ink was dry on the reworked floral proposal the law changed once again. My heart sunk for them as had seen how excited for their day they were. When I spoke to Helen she said ” It makes no sense, we are being penalised for trying to find joy in the most dark of times. It WILL be an amazing day and we will have an amazing time!” .So it turns out that getting married really was the most important thing to them as they decided to proceed and make it the most spectacular day they could. Champagne instead of Prosecco, even more beautiful flowers and a day filled with so much love and joy.

Helen and Paul 10th October 2020 – St Marylebone Parish Church and Chelsea Town Hall (c) Michael Newington Gray

We decorated the stunning St Marylebone church  with some beautiful autumnal vases at the alter and pretty vases on the pews, featuring Dahlias, snowberry, roses, hips, grasses, hydrangeas  in shades of coral, nude, reds, deep pink and plums, sumptuous foliages reflecting the best that October has to offer




We then moved these to their reception Chelsea old town Hall – using them to dress the beautiful dining room.The tables all had a beautiful vase display, the warmth and colours along with so many gorgeous textures really made an impact in the space.

A smaller gathering allows the budget to give you all the things you may have wanted but multiplied by 100 guests couldn’t budget for.  Have a statement bridal bouquet and an amazing floral installations- maybe an arch or floral cloud. With stunning table scape flowers, candles, stem wear and china. Having beautiful photographs to capture your day will give you lasting reminders your wedding day.   Helen and Paul’s photographer Michael _newington_Gray captured their day so beautifully, and the first thing that I thought when I looked at the album, was that is didn’t feel like a small wedding with so many people not present, it felt full, vibrant and fun.

Helen has such a vibrant happy personality so its only fitting that her bridal bouquet reflected that – so many gorgeous colours and statement flowers, with lots of movement – we loved it !

Not forgetting Paul’s buttonhole – or mini bouquet, `autumn is a great time for buttonholes as there are so many seed heads, grasses to add texture.

So it’s not how we would have planned it, its not maybe your initial dreamed of moment, but we need to remember that you are the two most important people. This could be you opportunity to be more daring and make a statement that you may not have felt comfortable doing with bigger guest list.You can start your lives together and then you can throw a showstopper of a party later on and dance the night away, I mean having two dresses alone would appeal to many wouldn’t it !!

We are on hand to guide and advise, Happy to talk through ideas and plan your wedding no matter how big or small. Let’s let weddings happen, let them be in all shapes and sizes.

Our Dried flower bouquets would be the perfect fit for a Marry now – Party later wedding, as they last forever if looked after. So you and your Bridesmaids could have beautiful vintage whimsical flowers and floral headdresses and Bouts for the boys ! and then use them again to recreate an element of the wedding when you party with all of your intended guest list. The news is hopeful that once the vaccine is here and testing improves that we can all once again begin to plan and dream of the BIG day for 2021.


Whatever is the right decision for you is the right decision. We along with hundreds of others in the wedding industry are lobbying MP’s and asking that weddings be considered and not forgotten.  So fingers crossed we can get Borris to lets weddings of 30 plus happen again, a small step but an important one.

Let’s let Love happen